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Here at BitRaptors, everything is about building things and amaze our users. Our presence is spanning from Budapest to San Francisco, where you will have the chance to work with the industry's hottest startups and working with cutting edge technologies.

We strive to understand the products and why our partners are pursuing their goals. We believe in killer design and a perfect user experience. Our company is specialized in kickstarting ideas and provide end-to-end solutions from concept to market release.

A great product idea is nothing without Engineering excellence. You'll have a chance to make a real impact and work alongside people who'll inspire you to achieve your best while tackling some of the most exciting challenges.

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Our applications are built with Swift and Kotlin using Functional and Reactive paradigms and modern MVVM and Clean architecture. Alignment between platforms is essential for us. We expect everybody to contribute to the company's tech stack and make our products better.

We imagine our future teammates to be curious about the product they are building. Why is more important than the what. Genuinely care about code that they are creating and equally open for both iOS and Android platforms. In-depth platform knowledge is essential, but open to new things to learn, as we always try to push the boundaries of mobile devices. Design is not just something that needs to be created, but you must be willing to question and challenge the product decisions. Have a vision of your own. As we're working in teams, good communication skills and motivation is super necessary for us. We keen to know more about your previous works. If you participated in large-scale app development is not a must, but something that is a plus for us. Our applications are built to scale.

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We love to build robust backend and frontend systems from ground up always using the most recent technologies.

We're looking for someone who has a strong frontend background and who has some experience or open to learn new technologies like React, Node.js, Express, Pug ...

You’ll be working closely with designers and developers to create outstanding products.

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BitRaptors is a heavily design driven studio, which means we always try to find the best solution for a problem from a user experience and aesthetic perspective, technical solution always comes second.

We encourage everyone to learn from eachothers, because we believe, to create a polished product, it's mandatory to understand every aspect of the building process. Thus we encourage designers to learn about coding, building rapid prototypes and to use cutting edge softwares even in beta phase.

We are looking for someone who has a strong design background either on the branding / illustration / animation side or on UI / UX design side, and who is open to learn from us about product focused development.

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